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About Us

'Taste with your taste'

Tastestock is a digital media library that offers high quality free stock footage from the world digital artists . User can search so much of excellence and great free stock footage for media production .

We provide a platform with members shares the free stock footage for video production . We appreciated those high quality free stock footage can use for film ,video and media production . Attracting more user to recognize the top of free digital artists in the world . It should be promoting with their excellence work . Tastestock is supporting the free digital footage search engine for lower budget production . Hope our effort will be enhancing the creativity production to taste more difference style for free.

How we find the ways of your Taste ?

We are focusing to create a convenience footage search platform for the user ,such as editor ,director ,media producers . Taste stock highly supports their high quality with low budget of creativity production . Our direction is to select on 'Quality , Styles & Useful' . To enhance high value content lists of video footage for users .

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