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Christmas Alpha Matte Sony Vegas Tutorial Free 5 Clip Download

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Member: peter  
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Description: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got some requests for a "Chroma Key" tutorial for some of my Christmas elements. The requests were basically to add a background that could be easily Chroma keyed out, but rather than doing that I decided to the the next best thing. :) You see when editing Chroma key with effects that are bright and glowy- you normally can't get a very professional result. Therefore, this tutorial offers 5 Alpha Matte clips and a mini tutorial to show how to make Sony Vegas register with them. I hope this helps you all who requested and all who watch it. :) This is my first tutorial so let me know what you think in the comments below! Merry Christmas and God bless! :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download the 5 Alpha Matte files below in Quicktime format (Careful, they're big files!): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download them all here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1rl6qgn3xfitm6v/6G4wBJnq4M --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms and Conditions: 1. Don't sell my footage, I made it free you for so don't be a meanie and charge for it. 2. Don't claim my work as your own, its seriously not cool. I work hard don't take the credit. 3. You are fully allowed to use my work in any of your creations, you don't have to give me credit or link me on it (Although I find it really sweet when you guys do that. :,-) ) More motion graphics coming soon! Thank you for any comments, likes, or subs! :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Category: Holidays & Events
Added: Dec 29, 2013 Runtime: 2 min 38 sec
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