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After Effects: Smokey Text Effect

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Description: In this http://www.VideoFort.com After Effects Tutorial VideoFort Jon teaches you how to create smokey text using CC Smear and a few other effects After Effects has to offer. Start out by creating a new comp and adding a text layer. Then generate a Ramp effect and adjust as necessary. Pre-Compose your text layer and name it "Smear". Apply a CC Smear to this comp and set the initial keyframe. Now set the To and From points for CC Smear and move forward in time and have them move past your text. This will be the start of the smokey look. Adjust the key frames as needed and draw a mask around the text only. Keyframe the mask to reveal wisps as the come in. Pre-Compose this layer, name it "Mesh Warp" and apply the Mesh Warp effect to it. From here you will set a keyframe for Distort Mesh and move through the comp and make the text more whispy. After you have that complete, Pre-Compose again, name this comp "Forced Blur", and apply the Forced Blur effect. This should make your text look super wispy. You can adjust the "Forced Blur" controls to give the desired effect. What cool effects videos do you create? Post them in the comments below! Be sure to Like, Subscribe and head to http://www.VideoFort.com to use amazing videos for your projects!
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Added: Dec 29, 2013 Runtime: 15 min 55 sec
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