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After Effects: VideoFort Wins The Lottery

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Description: In this http://www.VideoFort.com After Effects Tutorial VideoFort Jon uses Trapcode Particular to create lottery balls. Create a new comp, make sure the height is double the width (250x125), with a duration of 1 second 15 frames, 30 fps, name it "BallMap". Create a new white solid and then make a text layer on top. Type "1" and center it on the white solid. Now toggle down the text controls for your text layer and option click the Source Text stopwatch to bring up your expression controls. Type in "timeToFrames(time)+1" this will have the your "1" increase by +1 each frame it moves forward until you reach the end (45). Now create a new square comp (150x150), duration 1 second 15 frames, 30 fps, name it ball. Drag the "BallMap" into the new comp and drop the CC Sphere effect on to it. Bring the radius down to 65 and adjust the lighting to your liking. You should now a a lottery ball that counts up and stops at 45 as you scrub forward. Add a wiggle expression to the x,y, and z rotations by option clicking on their stopwatches and entering "wiggle(30,40)". Make sure the first value is the same for each, but you can alter the second value for varied movement. Now create another comp (1920x1080), duration 20 seconds, 30 fps, name it "Lottery". Bring in the Ball comp and turn off its visibility. Add a solid layer, name it LotoBalls and place Trapcode's Particular effect on it. Under Emitter in Particular's effects controls, with the time indicator at the beginning, set a keyframe for Particles/sec at 45, then move forward 1 second and 15 frames and set a keyframe to 0. Now highlight both keyframes, right click and select Toggle Hold Keyframe. This will limit the amount of balls to 45. Now change your emitter type to Sphere, Direction to Directional, Velocity to 250, Emitter size to 1000, 500, 500 on the x y z. Now drop down the Particle options and change Life to 20, Particle Type to Textured Polygon and drop down the Texture options. Set the layer to the Ball comp, and the time sampling to Random - Still Frame. Now adjust the size to 70 or larger (your choice!). You should now have particles that look like LottoBalls. To finish up go to the Physics options and make sure Physics Model is set to Air, and then drop down the air options and adjust the Air Resistance to about 4, the Spin Amplitude to 600, and the Spin Frequency to 2. This should give your Lottery Balls some more action. You can add a Ramp effect and camera as well to create a more dynamic project! Be sure to Like and Subscribe! Also post cool effects videos you have in the comments!
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