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Free stock footage - real smoke trails - 60fps

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Description: Age of Rockets Production and Design is proud to announce that we are shooting and giving away FREE stock footage to the audio/visual nerds of the world!!! This free stock footage clip is of various real smoke whisps and trails. This free stock footage clip is a little over 5 minutes long and was shot at 60 frames per second. All of the clips were shot in 720p HD. The depth of field was VERY small on this so a lot of the smoke floats in and out of focus. This is perfect for environmental video compositing in videos because you won't need to blur the image much (if any) to match your scene. Feel free to use these smoke clips in your projects in ANY way that you want. AoR recommends these clips for your video compositing and editing, image compositing, web design, and graphic design. In return for these wonderful full HD smoke stock footage clips, all we ask is that you tell everyone you know about it and where to find it!!! We will be releasing a tutorial soon on how to key the footage quickly and easily. Please comment on the clips and check out some of our other videos!!! Thanks for watching, Age of Rockets Production and Design p.s. The amazing Dubstep track was also produced buy Age of Rockets Production and Design!!! Feel free to use that too!!! Just throw a link or credit our way if you do. Thanks again!
Category: Decoration & Object
Added: Nov 1, 2013 Runtime: 5 min 40 sec
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